Success in 2019

This summer we partnered with Bellarmine in two ways. Dr. David Paige, Associate Professor of Education, came out to Summerbridge during our first and last week of school and conducted both oral and written literacy tests to a total of 35 students. Five measures of reading achievement were administered: 1) Reading Comprehension; 2) Decoding; 3) Silent Reading Fluency; 4) Oral Reading Fluency; and 5) Silent Sentence Reading. His study concluded that the Summerbridge literacy curriculum provides effective instruction that improves student reading. Our program makes a difference in the lives of struggling middle school students!

In addition to Dr. Paige, PhD students at Bellarmine studied Summerbridge as an organization and worked all summer on examining the who, what, and why of our model. The conclusions included a draft of a logic model, with work to be done by the Board of Directors on clarifying the mission and outcomes of Summerbridge so we can move forward with building on our success. We will continue to work with Bellarmine and Dr. Paige and are excited for the future.

We had a successful summer with 43 students finding academic confidence in just 6 weeks.  93% of our students increased their math scores; 79% improved in language arts.  We had students who showed their social and emotional growth everyday, both in and out of the classroom.   It was our first summer at Collegiate and we could not have been more supported in our academic pursuits!


Summerbridge Louisville (SBL) is a free, 6-week summer academic program for underserved middle school students in JCPS.  Our program is designed to help students from sliding academically during the summer months and keep them engaged in a variety of educational and extracurricular activities.   SBL is different than most out of school programs as we focus on math, language arts, and character building in small classroom environments.

SBL is modeled after a national program located in San Francisco, California, now renamed Breakthrough Collaborative. SBL program began in 1992 with 25 students. From 1992-2004, SBL was housed at Kentucky Country Day School. Since 2005, the summer program has been housed at Ursuline Campus (Sacred Heart Academy) located on Lexington Road.  SBL’s concept has over 30 years of success in “getting younger students into learning and older students into teaching”. (Newsweek 1990).

  • Free six-week, full day, academic enrichment program in the summer

  • Skills testing to help focus instruction at appropriate levels

  • Art, multicultural programs, and sports included in the curriculum

  • Mandatory after-school tutoring year-round for students whose grades drop to a C

  • Students participation for two years with third year optional

  • Classes taught by college student teachers recruited from our community

  • Emphasis on providing role models and mentors for underserved students

  • Celebrating student excellence

Summerbridge was housed at Sacred Heart Academy for 10 years and the school generously donated their space and classrooms with no cost. Due to space limitations at Sacred Heart, we moved this summer (2019) to Collegiate.  No matter where we are, we create a safe and structured environment that allows students to engage in classroom discussions.

Career Day 2017 at the FBI

Career Day 2017 at the FBI