Teacher Info

Teachers, tutors and mentors create a dynamic component of Summerbridge which allows for students to have a vast amount of expertise throughout the 6-week program and beyond.  Each summer, Summerbridge hires between 10-15 college students to teach either Math or Language Arts.  Education Majors are encouraged to apply but we accept all types of students with the only requirement being a passion for children and learning.

General Teacher Responsibilities

  • In charge of 4-8 students in each academic class.
  • Teachers should use utilize the small classroom environment to mentor and prepare the students for rigorous high schools that will prepare them for college.
  • Designing creative hands on lesson plans that will provide an environment for all learning styles.
  • Maintain a close and adaptive mindset with all co-workers
  • Teachers should be in tuned with the academic and personal needs of the students
  • Maintain open communication with all superiors especially the director
  • Adequately access all available resources.

Applications for the summer of 2018 are currently being accepted.  See info below: